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Soundproof Cover FZ-20X for Concrete Hammers TCB-200

Soundproof Cover FZ-20X for Concrete Hammers TCB-200

Size: length 285 mm X width 175 mm
Diameter: 95 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Weight: 800g
Accessory: Protective cover, Hose band


Compatible models
*For Toku TCB-200 only


The soundproof cover "Fuji ZET" developed with a focus on reducing the workability and safety of concrete breakers and, more importantly, exhaust noise. Fuji ZET is a soundproof cover for NETIS registered products with innovative structure and function.


This product is for Toku TCB-200 only. For other CB-10, CB-20 and CB-30 series, please refer to FZ-20X, FZ-10X, FZ-30X respectively.


① Soundproofing
The noise reduction effect has been proved from the noise value of 97.7 dB to 87.4 dB (reduced by 10.3 dB) after the installation of Fuji ZET.
(Measured at a distance of 5m in the horizontal direction)


② Safety
The compact shape makes the working tool more visible, the work efficiency is excellent and it's also safe and secure.


③ Breaking ability
By using special rubber material, it has a structure to release the exhaust promptly by the expansion and contraction motion of the swirler wing and the bellows part of the soundproof chamber without lowering the striking force and exhaust efficiency.


④ Durability
Synthetic rubber added on natural rubber. In addition to raising the sound insulation and muffling performance, we developed a rubber material with new properties that is good in terms of oil resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and other features.


⑤ Usability
Since it is lightweight and compact, the workability is very good. Easy attachment and detachment is possible by simply fixing with a hose band.


⑥ NETIS registered product
NETIS is a new technology information system promoted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in Japan. This system is a system for actively utilizing new technologies developed in the private sector for public works. When using the NETIS registered product such as "Fuji ZET" in public works, a comprehensive evaluation bidding system and construction grades are considered and it becomes an important point of order reception.

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