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KRD855 is a middle-weight leg drill. It has many outstanding features not available on similar sized leg drills.
  • Technical Specification

    Technical specifications for KRD855


    Shank - 22x108


    Water flushing - N/A


    Air flushing - x


    Weight (kg) - 27

    Length overall (mm) - 615

    Piston stroke (mm) - 60

    Piston Dia (mm) - 85

    Air cons. m3/ min at 5 bar - 3.5

    Part No. 782800221D


    KRL55 Support Leg available

  • Product Description

    Outstanding penetration rate
    Although a middle-weight machine, the penetration rate of
    KRD855 is high, even compared to heavyweight class leg drills. The direct flow system in the valve makes air efficiency excellent. The 85mm diameter piston and the 60mm short stroke length provide percussion and torque surpassing other leg drills in its class. The design assures high speed drilling in all types of rock formations.


    Easy handling
    The perfect balance between the drill and the leg minimizes recoil and ensures stable drilling in any position. Even the slightest vibration is absorbed by the vibration-proof handle. Noise strain is greatly reduced with the synthetic rubber exhaust deflector.
    The design enables the operator to continuously drill for longer periods with a minimum of fatigue. 


    Long Service Life
    Many new techniques are incorporated, both mechanically and materially, for greater durability and less wear of the different machine parts. The life of the components is greatly extended by using a full-lubrication system. The rifle bar and the piston,
    which are subjected to heavy work load, are specially heat treated to minimize wear and extend service life. The rifle nut, the front washer bushing and the sleeve nut that engages with them are made of high-quality phosphor bronze.

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