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KRD620 is the smallest and lightest of all KRD rock drills, weighing only 13kg. It is easy to operate and useful for many kinds of jobs, such as drilling in confined spaces, for secondary drilling in quarries, or for any light duty construction work. Despite its small body, it has all the functions required of a rock drill. It is highly reputed for its excellent durability,convenience and economy.
  • Technical Specification

    Technical specifications for KRD620


    Shank - 22x108


    Water flushing - N/A


    Air flushing - x


    Weight (kg) - 13

    Length overall (mm) - 495

    Piston stroke (mm) - 37

    Piston Dia (mm) - 62

    Air cons. m3/ min at 5 bar - 1.9

    Part No. 780200321B


    Vibration absorption assembly available

  • Product Description

    High efficiency
    KRD620 demonstrates a drilling efficiency unusual for a small-sized drill, due to its large piston diameter and short piston stroke. It combines high-speed drilling and low air consumption incorporating a well-matched valve of direct flow type. A smallsized compressor is sufficient to operate KRD620.


    Excellent durability
    All parts of KRD620 are designed to assure a long life of the drill. The piston and other parts which are subjected to heavy wear are plated with hard chrome; the front washer bushing, the rifle nut and other meshing parts are made of phosphor bronze and are easily replaceable. These design features greatly reduce the maintenance cost of the rock drill and prevent drop in its performance even during long time of operation.


    Operator friendly
    KRD620 has a number of design features to minimize operator fatigue; a synthetic rubber exhaust deflector, a simple system for changing the air discharge direction, and a light-weight body. 

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