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KRD285 with its high drilling performance is most suited for quick drilling operations. Its powerful percussion and torque ensure a fast drilling speed in any rock formation. All internal parts are wear protected and highly durable which in turn results in low spare parts cost and enables the drill to maintain its high performance for a long period of time. The drill and the leg are well balanced which gives a stable operation with a minimum of recoil. KRD285 operates with a high drilling speed and minimizes the operator´s fatigue and the cost of drilling.
  • Technical Specification

    Technical specifications for KRD285


    Shank - 22x108


    Water flushing - N/A


    Air flushing - x


    Weight (kg) - 31

    Length overall (mm) - 675

    Piston stroke (mm) - 68

    Piston Dia (mm) - 76.2

    Air cons. m3/ min at 5 bar - 3.5

    Part No. 783100902F


    KRL85 Support Leg available

  • Product Description

    High drilling speed
    KRD285 has a piston diameter of 76.2mm (3”) and a tubular valve with high air efficiency. The drill with its strong percussion and torque is performing at its best in hard rock when drilling semi-long holes. 


    Ease of operation 
    A good balance between the rock drill and the leg ensures a stabilized operation with a minimum of recoil. The exhaust deflector can be oriented in any direction to keep the exhaust air out of the way of the operator.


    Durability and continuous high performance 
    The external parts of the drill are made of special steel of high rigidity and surface hardness, and the hard working internal parts are lubricated via a fulllubrication system. The long service life of the different parts is resulting in low maintenance and spare parts costs.


    Light support leg providing stable feed pressure
    The KRL85 Support Leg is designed to ideally match with KRD285 making the drill to fully display its performance. Made of super duralumin, the leg is light in weight and very easy to handle. This leg is very convenient for drilling at high positions and for drilling with a long drill steel.

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