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KRD240 is an economical rock drill with powerful torque and percussive forces, and it is designed for long hole drilling. Its powerful torque and percussion, generated by the long stroke mechanism and the high efficiency tubular valve, enable a superb performance for drilling down to about 6 m and is making the drill efficient in hard rock. The design of KRD240 makes it drill fast and efficient and the machine is also durable and easy to handle.
  • Technical Specification

    Technical specifications for KRD240


    Shank - 22x108


    Water flushing - N/A


    Air flushing - x


    Weight (kg) - 24

    Length overall (mm) - 610

    Piston stroke (mm) - 68

    Piston Dia (mm) - 66.7

    Air cons. m3/ min at 5 bar - 2.7

    Part No. 780600321K


    Vibration absorption assembly available

  • Product Description

    Powerful drilling
    The powerful combination of percussion and rotation originates in the very efficient tubular valve. KRD240 is also equiped with a powerful flushing mechanism which enables efficient removal of cuttings also when drilling deep holes. 


    High durability
    The external parts have a sturdy design, and the internal parts, subjected to severe working conditions, are either heat treated or chromium plated and all components are precisely finished. The drills complete lubricating system assures trouble-free
    and economical operation. 


    Easy operation
    Perfection of balance and convenient portability have been main concerns in the design.

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