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KRD165 is a light weight, easy-to-use leg drill. The drill weighs only 16 kg and the total weight including the leg attachment is 26 kg. It is uitable for drilling in a narrow work face or for quarrying in places where the footing is poor. Though light and compact, it gives an excellent drilling performance. Changing only a few components permits the use of a 19 mm hexagonal hollow drill steel for small holes. KRD165 works with low operating costs and high drilling efficiency.

  • Technical Specification

    Technical specifications for KRD165


    Shank - 22x83


    Water flushing - N/A


    Air flushing - x


    Weight (kg) - 16


    Length overall (mm) - 550


    Piston stroke (mm) - 55


    Piston Dia (mm) - 60


    Air cons. m3/ min at 5 bar - 2.1


    Part No. 781600320C


    KRL20 Support Leg available

  • Product Description

    Excellent drilling performance
    The tubular valve with high pneumatic efficiency provides high impact power and rotation torque to assure excellent drilling performance.


    Easy operation
    The single lever control system enables the operator to start or stop the drilling, air or water supply by moving a single lever. KRD165 is light and well-balanced, factors that make the drill easy tooperate.


    Improved durability
    All components are made from fine materials, heat-treated and hard chrome-plated in order to minimize wear and to improve the durability of the drill body. The body has a full-lubricating system and a unique system to prevent muddy water from flowing into the leg.


    Safe, convenient push button air-feed release
    The release button makes it possible to exhaust the air from the leg quickly when withdrawing the leg.

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